Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s Dynamic Link Shipping’ response to COVID- 19 situation?

We’re committed to the health and safety of our associates, guests, mates and their families, hence we’re covering and rigorously clinging to the health and safety directives enforced by the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention( MoHAP) and the Dubai Health Authority( DHA). We encourage our workers and guests to relate to sanctioned sources to gain information on the situation and abide by the guidelines set by the UAE health authorities in their trouble to contain the outbreak.Dynamic Link Shipping

2. What precautionary measures and threat mitigation plans has Dynamic Link Shipping considered to insure the good of its stakeholders?

  • Established a Rapid Response Team to insureco-ordinated, regular and visionary response protocols across the association.
  • Frequent disinfection program for all our installations and vehicles using cleaning and PPE products that are approved by authorities.
  • Hygiene and deep cleaning trainings for our housekeeping brigades.
  • Prevention mindfulness juggernauts for our motorists, security labor force, operations platoon and frontline associates. nonstop health monitoring for all associates at the office, storages, and lodgment.
  • Full compliance with government directives on social distancing during vital operations and restrictions to number passenger per vehicle for our associates.
  • Furnishing digital tools for associates to continue serving guests and mates from remote locales and clinging to the social distancing and working from home preventative measures set by authorities.
  • Drive through COVID- 19 scan facilitation for all associates by the Al- Futtaim Healthhub.

3. How is Dynamic Link Shipping continuing to deliver on the client prospects given the impact on airfreight and ocean freight capacities?

Dynamic Link ShippingDynamic Link Shipping is nearly covering the harborage of entry decision as the situation unfolds. We’re partnering with our guests and original trade bodies to insure the stylish possible issues. As the situation arises, we acclimatize and give guests regular updates on how to handle these exceptions.Dynamic Link Shipping
Dynamic Link ShippingIn this unknown time, client specific indispensable results are extended by remaining flexible with our functional results and open to creative results. guests can reach out to our crucial Account directors who are always available to find results to the force chain dislocations.Dynamic Link Shipping

4. Are you closing spots, storages, deliveries and/ or services?

Dynamic Link ShippingOur services, storages and deliveries will continue to operate and support guests while clinging to the directives and recommendations of the original authorities. We’ll advise guests of any impact these regulations might have on the end to end force chain and logistics.Dynamic Link Shipping

5. How can I reach your frontline client operations contact?

Dynamic Link ShippingFor client Support please communicate your crucial Account director for escalated issues. To request a citation, book a truck or freight, please follow the instructions on our website. For any farther enquiries please address directly to the Rapid Response Team via For further information about COVID- 19, we encourage you to relate to sanctioned sources similar as The Ministry of Health and Prevention’s FAQ MOHAPDynamic Link Shipping
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