Aerospace Logistics

Dynamic Link Shipping has moxie in aerospace logistics similar as machine movements, corridor movements, face transportation, service weight, routine weight, airside deliveries and time critical results to suit critical client requirements.

Trained associates and special security permits allow us to carry out smooth airside deliveries for AOGs. Our services comprise of full range of integrated 3PL results to meet all requirements of aerospace MRO, AIME clientele.


Dynamic Link Shipping assures time critical air freight result with dependable conveyance times, and cost saving openings incorporating connections and multimodal transportations. Time critical moxie extends to the provision of chartered fights, AOGs, out- of- hand, dangerous weight, exhibition shipments and transport insurance.


Utmost carriers will have an FMC store on the ramp side in the field. The access & delivery on the ramp side is largely defined & only approved transporters can perform the airside deliveries. The blessings are issued to the transporters meeting all the conditions set by the field security & field police. Dynamic Link Shipping possesses all necessary permits & passes to feed the airside collections deliveries of aerospace logistics.

Special permits include:

field Passes For individualities performing the deliveries.
Airside Driving Permits( ADP) The motorists performing the deliveries on the Airside must pass the driving permit test in each field position.
Airside Vehicle Permits( AVP) Only the vehicles having Airside Vehicle permits are allowed perform deliveries collection from/ to Airside.


Acclimatized to your special conditions OBC include:

Maximum security, inflexibility and speed
Accompanied deliveries, hand carried
marketable flight or duty aircraft
Defined hand over points



Premium service, On coming flight Out

functional and factual door-to-door operation
On- board courier
Coming flight out
Import and import customs concurrence and forms
Online track and trace

Standard Air Freight Services

Operating in 100 trade- lanes from Control Towers
Handling5.1 million KGs annually
Complete force Chain results from PO operation until destination delivery
Able to airlift in to/ from 150 countries
Online track and trace

Express Service

Priority pick- up and delivery
Door-to-door of functional and factual operation
First flight out on special carrier programs, with fast procedures
Import and import customs concurrence and forms
Online track and trace



Five control palace( DXB, AMS, HKG, MIA, LHR)
24/ 7 one stop shop; global reach
Complete traceability and visibility to shipments
Shortest response time
Exclusive payload monitoring, visionary updates
Localized crucial account operation
Connectivity in 150 countries