Humanitarian And Military Logistics

Dynamic Link Shipping knows through experience that change is infrequently predictable, as indeed the lowest changes in technology, demographics, regulations, economics, or myriad factors can present logistical challenges in any part of the world, at any moment. Inversely, natural disasters and geopolitical uneasiness can snappily transfigure social or political stability, taking a rapid-fire response to deliver critical lifesaving inventories, or to restore and maintain order.

With numerous times ’ experience of managing sizeable force chains across the region, Dynamic Link Shipping has developed the needful capabilities to effectively contribute in serving those involved in bringing essential aid, in scripts which bear vital philanthropic or military intervention.


In its capacity as a full diapason logistics organisation with philanthropic support capability, Dynamic Link Shipping acts in cooperation withnon-governmental organisations( NGO) and United Nations( UN) realities, utilising its moxie in the arena of reconciliation natural disasters and during times of conflict, which includes world-wide network content through strong mates in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and Asia Pacific.

For over a decade, Dynamic Link Shipping has partnered with famed transnational and original philanthropic organisations to give backing for the deployment of critical relief accoutrements to disaster stricken areas. It has played crucial places in riffle, earthquake and flood tide relief operations across the globe, and most lately supported in the deployment of vehicles and philanthropic relief particulars within countries affected by political uneasiness. Dynamic Link Shipping supports the conditions of philanthropic organisations for their line base operation, along with customs brokerage and freight services allowing for the distribution and delivery of essential life sustaining particulars for people in the affected areas.

Dynamic Link Shipping has also established force operation systems for several NGOs at a strategically located storehouse in Dubai, enabling easier deployment and on- time conditions on the ground.


Dynamic Link Shipping is involved in managing the force chain ofsub-contractors to the high contractors to NATO forces in conflict zones and provides a flawless force route from origin to the NATO bases via a combination of ocean, air and land transport. Due to the functional scale and urgency, utmost of these movements bear the chartering of vessels and aircraft to move time bound critical inventories to the forward operating bases.

Beyond this, Dynamic Link Shipping also provides purchase order and supplier operation to guests, using advanced being IT systems and warehousing capabilities to give order connection and to record timely deliveries from suppliers. This ensures that stakeholders profit from a single point of contact and decide cost benefits through the capability to consolidate colorful orders sourced each over the UAE. As similar, Dynamic Link Shipping has established its character as a crucial enabler in the force chain for charge critical deliveries in conflict regions.