Project Cargo, Heavy Lift And Break-Bulk

In handling design weight, Dynamic Link Shipping assures guests of its absolute attention to every detail throughout the process and its utmost care to insure safe delivery throughout the turnkey operation of Project Cargo, Break Bulk and Heavy Lifts

Project freight forwarding, caters to the requirements of diligence relating to oil painting and gas, petrochemicals, engineering and construction, power and energy, artificial shops and other guests who bear complex structure systems.

For any heavy- lift,over-dimensional or critical particulars demanded, our specialist coffers take over all necessary feasibility and engineering studies from design to perpetration of the results using varied transportation modes and mate coffers from our global network of companies.

Dynamic Link Shipping can arrange air, ocean and heavy haul duty weight to remote regions in arising requests around the globe.

When bearing systems, we offer inflexibility, trustability, safety, security, and visibility in the total force chain result:


We offer a flawless and flexible portfolio of support services from the original planning and popular phase to final delivery and installation start up.


Every design undergoes a thorough planning process, including: Route checks to insure that the stylish cost,

  • performance and safety related generalities are proposed, enforced and realised
  • Full threat assessment
  • Design and donation of a complete functional map
  • System statements outlining intended operations
  • Monitoring to insure functional excellence during design prosecution
  • Periodic operation review of all operations throughout the design’s lifetime
  • End of design review

With a perfect combination of freight forwarding and abnormal cargo engineering experience, Dynamic Link Shipping ’ design platoon add value by offering detailed engineering plans.


Dynamic Link Shipping maintains transnational force chain contracts which involve sourcing, procurement and complete logistics operation. Our internet- grounded Track and Trace module provides complete translucency for guests throughout the entire transportation force chain.

Our cross-functional approach allows us to integrate operations into a single-source service devoted to a specific assiduity or factory force position.

fresh service options include:

  • Force chain planning
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Expediting and reporting
  • Force control
  • Attestation services
  • Warehousing and rallying
  • Air, ocean and land transportation
  • Purchase order upload and database
  • Internet- grounded track and trace force
  • chain event operation


With assiduity leading Health and Safety and Environmental( HSE) operation processes in place, every design has a robust HSE plan. Rest assured that when you entrust your design to us, we will address all safety preventives and enterprises.

Be confident that our precedence remains the health and safety of people and the protection of means and the terrain. Our detailed programs are established in agreement with ISO 90012008 quality delegation criteria, following the main rudiments of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems to insure that we’re in line with country specific norms.


Web enabled acclimatized tracking systems, and customised state-of-the-art material operation systems enable us to give line- item position visibility as needed.

Integrated state-of-the-art IT systems guarantee peace of mind throughout your design’s lifecycle through real time Track and Trace, online reporting and analysis, purchase order operation, performance measures, exceptions operation and automated progress updates, all backed by moxie you can calculate on.

We aim to completely understand every client’s business conditions and to exceed their prospects, and we measure the success of each design by our guests ’ satisfaction.